The Beautiful, All-encompassing Kingdom of God

What an amazing one day shot in Bangkok from Phil Porter – national leader of YWAM Thailand about what the Kingdom of God looks like in all of its diversity….


Last Sunday was one of those classic, unforgettable days of being grateful to be called to be a missionary! Such an incredible, rich experience of the Kingdom of God in its fullness.
Singing in the choir at Christ Church alongside a new friend, Stephen, along with others from Nigeria, the Philippines, Ireland, etc. Meeting Stephen’s visiting friends from the States who recently adopted a 3-year-old girl from Ethiopia. Listening to a very thought-provoking sermon by a British pastor from Maylasia, who reminded us that Jesus’s 3 individual healings in Matthew 8 were of a leper, a Gentile and a woman – all less-than-worthy people in those days. Then watching the baptism of 5 new believers from 2 or 3 different countries. . . . But that was just the morning!
Later in the afternoon, I made my way to YWAM’s Rak Teh (Authentic Love) ministry, situated near the Grand Palace in the old section…

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