Love those who are foreigners in your land

Powerful article by Peter Randewijk.

Pursuit of Truth

I have been involved for several years with serving refugees in our country of Switzerland and have heard a lot of different opinions about what’s the right thing to do. Many people I work with tend to favor a welcoming approach towards the new arrivals while criticizing the strict Swiss immigration laws instituted by the Swiss Confederation. At the same time they do not want their monthly rents to increase or pay more taxes so the authorities can build new buildings to house refugees.

It’s complicated. It encouraged me to do some of my own research. How should a well thought-through biblical position on the current refugee crisis look like? It is a work in progress but here are some thoughts to start:

We need to love the foreigner in our land

We need to love the foreigner in our land. The Bible is overwhelmingly clear. The Hebrew word ‘ger’ (a guest; by…

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