From Jerusalem to Timbuktu by Brian Stiller

Christianity started in Jerusalem. For many centuries it was concentrated in the West, in Europe and North America. But in the past century the church expanded rapidly across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Thus Christianity’s geographic center of density is now in the West African country of Mali―in Timbuktu. What led to the church’s vibrant growth throughout the Global South? Brian Stiller identifies five key factors that have shaped the church, from a renewed openness to the move of the Holy Spirit to the empowerment of indigenous leadership. While in some areas Christianity is embattled and threatened, in many places it is flourishing as never before. Discover the surprising story of the global advance of the gospel. And be encouraged that Jesus’ witness continues to the ends of the earth.

From Jerusalem to Timbuktu is a must-read for anyone trying to understand Christianity in today’s world. Brian Stiller provides a practical explanation for the amazing growth of evangelical Christianity by identifying and unpacking five drivers of growth. His practical experience combined with exceptional research creates a powerful and informative read. After taking this ‘world tour’ on the growth of Christianity, you will be left asking . . . what will God do next?” (William M. Wilson, president, Oral Roberts University)

“While many authors have written ably on the shift of Christianity to the global South, Stiller offers a captivating personal story of remarkable connections with church leaders from all parts of the globe. His expansive vision for the Spirit, the Bible, indigenous Christianity, the public square, and a holistic gospel articulates a clear and hopeful direction for the future of Christianity.” (Todd M. Johnson, associate professor of global Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)

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