“My friendship [with the Goodes] has never failed over the years, because we share the same commitment to the poor and needy of the planet, those in conflicts, and those fleeing from both natural disasters and war. Even today, as we meet, there is no distance, no doubt that as servants of the living God we are part of His great plan of love for the world.”

JOSIANE ANDRÉ, M.D., Cofounder, Medair, Switzerland

“The path that the Goodes take us down in this book is exhilarating. Their practical blend of justice and spirituality propel them to Afghanistan, Thailand, India, Africa, and a thousand destinations in­between. Readers better prepare to have their hearts broken and their spirits lifted at the same time.”

DAVID BATSTONE, Cofounder and president, Not For Sale; professor, University of San Francisco

“In this book we get a glimpse of Steve and Marie’s amazing journey with the Lord, a journey that took the couple to places many of us will never get to go, but when reading along we are allowed to see some of what the Lord is doing in and through them.”

ADRIENNE BLOMBERG, Director, Siam­Care Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand

“This world desperately needs more leaders like [the Goodes], bringing the light and hope of Christ in places of darkness and injustice.”

DAVID AND SUSAN COLE, Board of regents chairman, University of the Nations

“Steve and Marie’s story begins with vulnerability and openness, a mark of their ministry. Throughout the book there are wonderful tales of acts of compassion often linked with courage and always carried through with humility. The humanity of this extraordinary couple shines through each chapter.”

THE REVEREND PETER COOK, Vicar, Christ Church Bangkok, Thailand

“Gripping your heart, this story is one of those books you can hardly put down. As you walk through Steve and Marie’s journey, you’ll see that the couple deserves your attention.”

LOREN CUNNINGHAM, Founder, Youth With A Mission

“Steve and Marie Goode are world changers. Their story is full of the practical outworking of God’s Word and ways, woven throughout their lives in missions. It is laced with humor and honesty that all of us can learn from.”

LYNN AND MARTI GREEN, Youth With A Mission

“Steve and Marie’s hearts have always beat with compassion for the poorest and most vulnerable. The story is of a couple who made themselves available, first to see with God’s eyes of compassion and then to obey—no matter how crazy it might have seemed. In the process the authors have touched thousands of lives with God’s mercy.”

MICHAEL GREEN, Youth With A Mission

“Steve and Marie’s account demonstrates where simple obedience to God’s calling can lead: fulfilled lives, firm hope and assurance in the midst of pain and disappointment, countless lives changed by the free flow of God’s love through human vessels, and global impact on the issues that burn on God’s heart.”

DR. TONI GROSSHAUSER, Development consultant

“Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you lived as though you were the hands and feet of Jesus? This book is chock­full of real stories that will inspire you to seek God’s call for your life.”

PETER J. ILIYN, North American director, YWAM

“Steve and Marie invite us to join them on their spiritual journey as servants to the servants of the Lord. No land is too dangerous and no journey too far to bring words of love and encouragement.”

MARY LOS BANOS, President, The Children’s House, Hawaii and The Good Shepherd Program, Myanmar

“I loved this book. What captures me is the clear, relentless commitment of Jesus to the poorest, weakest, neediest, and most vulnerable. It showcases how, as we are willing to walk with Him among the poor, He invades communities and forever changes lives.”

COLLEEN MILSTEIN, Director, Advocacy and Engagement, LOOM International

“I’ve known Steve and Marie for thirty years. Steve married me and my wife in a refugee camp. But I didn’t know half of what they’ve been a part of. This, their life story, reads like a thirty­five­ year roller­coaster ride, but a ride with a destination: to make known the love of Jesus to some of the most threatened and needy of our hurting world.”


“Steve and Marie are not attempting to fill the shoes of God but cry out for the real thing, and He shows up. Those who know them testify that the love of God has rubbed off on them.”

KARIN RAMACHANDRA, Counselor and Bible teacher, Colombo, Sri Lanka

“[The Goodes’] commitment to follow wherever God leads has thrust them into the most extreme challenges of social crisis, danger, and suffering, only to see God glorified through miraculous expressions of compassion and ministry.”

JERRY RANKIN, President emeritus, International Mission Board, SBC

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